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A Facial for Your Hair & Scalp



a new self-care concept in Houston focusing on the health of your hair & scalp through customized treatments

Luxury Beauty Salon

healthier hair awaits

Customized Hair & Scalp Treatments

Discover a sanctuary for your hair & scalp at milkbath™️ Hair & Scalp Spa where we believe healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Just as we prioritize facials for our skin, we're dedicated to bringing that same level of care to your crown.

Utilizing the latest products, tools & innovations, we craft personalized treatments that cater to your unique needs. From concerns ranging from lack of volume to an itchy scalp to hair loss, our hair therapists analyze your hair & scalp & collaborate with you to design a personalized treatment.

Our warm & inviting space provides a tranquil escape where your hair & scalp will be transformed!

woman getting her hair washed in a shampoo bowl
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